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  • Ce e-liquide a su surprendre et séduire de nombreux amateurs de vapote grâce à son parfum et sa composition hors du commun. En effet, il vous procure un très bon hit de gorge et vous offre un mix de fruits rouges et raisin noir réhaussé de notes d'eucalyptus doux, anis et menthol.

  • This self-assured modern dandy is quick on his feet and never afraid of straying off the beaten track.Northern Lights aims to surprise you with his style and flavourful charm.His meticulous and sophisticated combination of tastes combine the smoothness of liquorice and the freshness of red and white grape punch, followed by a subtle undertone of...

  • Gins Addiction is decadence incarnate and has been appointed e-liquid royalty.Bold and charismatic, she has a penchant for exquisite mixes and subtle tastes.Her vivacious and outgoing personality is reflected in the elements of this vibrantly addictive vape. A blend of white gin, natural blackcurrant, absinthe, lemon, a mint fusion and light...

Showing 1 - 15 of 21 items