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  • The Kit ET AUTO, is a novelty at VAPTIO, imagined with a design with smooth and colorful curves. Designed to enhance the aroma of your liquid and prevent tweaks. The magnetic traction of the base of the Pod ensures a connection with the mod, thus avoiding malfunctions.Vaptio has developed for you a kit, making the vaping simple, just press a button and...

  • The compact and trendy IRONCLAD Mod has an all-in-one button that makes it easy to turn on and off and spray. Combining an integrated 2600mAh battery.

  • IRONCLAD in a compact trendy shape, has an all-in-one button for easy switch on/off and vaping. Combining a 2600mAh built-in battery and a huge 6ml tank...

  • Vaptio COSMO Tank, the purest taste maker, is designed for COSMO Kit. It applies Vaptio’s patented innovative Airflow Adjustment Technology, to control airflow by simply screwing the glass tube, an easier shift between DL and MTL. The coil of the tank is designed as highly interchangeable with other common coils of various brands.

  • TYRO KIT is a stealth all-in-one vape pen by Vaptio. It utilizes a Vaptio patented airflow adjustment unit on its tank, so you can easily adjust the volume by just screwing the glass tube. This simple unit allows you to switch between DL and MTL. TYRO KIT adopts top side filling to refill the tank. Screwing the top lid, you will see the hole to inject the...

  • VAPTIO Frogman Replacement Coils are intended for use with the VAPTIO Frogman Sub-Ohm Tank. Frogman Coils come in seven types: The 0.4 ohm W2 Coils, 0.15 ohm W4 Coils, 0.2 ohm W6 Coils, 0.15 ohm W8 Coils, 0.25 ohm X2 Coils, 0.2 ohm M1 Coils and 0.2 ohm T1 coils. One pack of 5pcs.

  • The F1 kit can provide power up to 50W. it is equipped with a magnetic anti-drop cap to protect the tip of your e-cigarette against dust, which clips under the device to avoid losing it. Easy to carry in the pocket, it is totally suitable for everyday use. equipped with the new Frogman-X2 coils of 0.25ohm, it will provide you an intense vape full of flavors.

Showing 1 - 15 of 34 items