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    • For fans of the vape Classic in lack of sensations, Yogi's Vanilla Tobaco e-liquid is the result of an almost divine explosion that blends the right aromas at the right time. Neutrality is ideal to start. But add a touch of vanilla lightness, and you can not live without it! A miracle recipe, its e-liquid Vanilla Tobacco Granola Bar and its sweet scent...

    • On a crunchy cereal background, an intensely red and fragrant strawberry. Dare a forbidden pleasure with Strawberry from Yogi! The Strawberry e-liquid is the double pleasure of an incredibly honeyed cereal bar and a heart of strawberry melting and irresistibly fruity, for an outlaw greed. Taste the forbidden fruit with liquids from Yogi brand!Made...

    • In their quest for heart-warming flavors, the Yogi brand has brought home a generous crunchy cereal bar recipe on the outside, melting honey inside to make it a gourmet and warm liquid. Served with banana, served under a melting layer of deliciously scented peanut butter.Made with a 30/70 PG / VG base, an E-liquid 10ml, offered in a "shortfill" bottle.

    • Nothing beats a cereal bar to start the day! Make your vape crisp with Original from Yogi, an e-liquid with gourmet, gourmet and vitamin flavors in a 10ml format! The Original e-Liquid is a soft cereal bar with crispy cereal petals, tenderly scented wood berries, for the little sugar note that you can not resist.Made with a 30/70 PG / VG base, an...

    • Yellow lemons are known to always be in a hurry. Pressed their pulp you will have a juice filled with acidity, mixed with the good tastes of cereal! Lemon Granola is a crunchy and melting cereal bar with the delicacy of honey, a tangy lemon juice fillet for lightness, and a scented lemon zest. The mixed lemony pleasure that calls for relaxation is Lemon...

    • This recipe full of surprises combines the famous cereal granola bar with a full-bodied coffee. Tasted Java Granola liquid, spent the day to eat in this bar of richly sweet perfumes. Crispy and generously scented, yogi coffee bar will do its little bit.The Java Granola eliquide is made with a 30/70 PG / VG base. Do not choose among your favorite...

    • It's a little fruity and crunchy pleasure that yogi's Blueberry e-liquid offers you, with its blueberry honeyed cereal bar recipe. Gourmand and light, this aroma offers many sensations, between crisp richness and juicy scent.Made with a 30/70 PG / VG base, an E-liquid 10ml, offered in a "shortfill" bottle.

    Showing 1 - 15 of 615 items