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  • The Halo Tribeca e-liquid offers a tobacco flavor that is reminiscent of the famous RY4. Hit solid and excellent steam production.Products in this category are exclusively reserved for the Spanish market. Any order destined for a country other than Spain containing one or more of these products will be automatically canceled.

  • TOBACCO STYLVER:Light and balanced American tobacco.Elegant modern American blend, no heavy notes, everything at lastIntense impact in the throat

  • Tb ROBUSTOCombination of chocolate and vanilla tobacco with a touch of liquoriceFrank, powerful and persistent impactStrong impact in the throat evoking powerful tobaccos with roasting aromas

  • TB BACOOL:American tobacco quite neutral but voluptuous.Very good mouthfeelWell persistent.Brings a lot of satisfaction.

Showing 1 - 15 of 42 items