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  • Citrus Shots A sweet, fresh and original lime, refreshing like the ice cream of our childhood.A must, it will transport you instantly to a sunny beach, on vacation in the shade of a palm tree ...Citrus Shots, the Fresh Ball!  Supplied with Twist plugs

  • KRAKEN - Guava and pomegranate Alliance guava and pomegranate, let yourself be seduced by this essential fruity flavor! Supplied with Twist plugs

  • PEGASE - White peach, sweet citrus and touch of cassis A divine cocktail with white peach coated with sweet citrus notes and a touch of cassis to accompany your palate to Olympus! Supplied with Twist plugs

  • HIPPOCAMPE - Grape and hint of red fruits Delicious grapes supported by a note of red fruits make up this original e-liquid to the taste of come back.Supplied with Twist plugs

  • MINOTAURE - Apricot cream A smooth cream with apricots of Provence which you will not be tired.Come and lose yourself in this labyrinth of creamy and fruity flavors! Supplied with Twist plugs

  • FENRIR - Ice cream cookie and pecan Notice to gourmands and gourmands, this e-liquid is for you!You will enjoy this creamy ice cream combined with the warm and intoxicating flavor of a cookie coming out of the oven. A final note of pecan will complete the balance to make you completely melt ...Complex and appetizing, FENRIR is nonetheless...

  • SLEIPNIR - Marshmallow with strawberry Return to childhood thanks to the surprising flavor of this gourmet and tasty strawberry marshmallow.Sweet, subtle, balanced, this e-liquid will make a great all day and delight your taste buds by its originality.Supplied with Twist plugs

  • JÖRM - Melon and lemon The only thing in the universe capable of calming the boundless fury of Jörmungandr, the giant Midgard snake, is a good Jörm tank.This delicious sweet melon as it should be, enhanced simply by a touch of lemon instantly transports the one who vows to Valhalla.Trust the snake, believe us, you can! ...

  • IRMIN - Litchi, grapes and passion fruitTHE JUICE of the god of war !!To defeat and remain valiant in the face of adversity, the Irmin potion is the secret boot of the Saxon people. An alliance between lychee and grape, accompanied by the essential ingredient to any victory: The Passion!Supplied with Twist plugs

  • THOR - Lemonade with limeThe terrible drunk of Thor.Vap and let yourself be amazed by its lime and lime lemonade.But beware, this vape is only for real vikings ... Will you be able to show worthy?The scholarly and unpublished agreement of these two flavors will not fail to charm you. Supplied with Twist plugs

  • ODIN - Diabolo red fruitsThe famous diabolo with red berries that all Ásgard covets.Odin reserving it for himself, he would chase relentlessly through the nine worlds whoever would defy him by steaming it.You are warned, only the bravest can venture to brave his anger. This e-liquid with fruity and tart notes will seduce you and...

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items