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  • A mixture of yellow and green lemon straight out of the freezer! precisely dosed to refresh without attacking sensitive palates. A small fruity tip remains on the tongue and brings out the acidity of lemon to evoke a lemon ice for example.Made in malaysia! (for real)

  • Fresh as an ice cream, fruity by its juicy melon flavors and sweetened by its honey. A savan blend for the most refined palates that stays in the mouth until the whiff of after. Made in malaysia! (for real)

  • A powerful freshness that reveals flavors of ripe sweet mango. A strong mix on the palate that leaves a powerful and refined taste of mango.Made in malaysia! (for real)

  • A small blueberry ice cream to arouse the taste buds, both fresh and fruity but not too sweet. All the aromas and freshness of a soda with currants and blueberries. Perfect for palates too sensitive to freshness. Made in malaysia! (for real)

  • By its name the "custard" instantly evokes gourmet and creamy flavors. Strong in the mouth with the first puff then comes to emerge a delicious and unctuous vanilla which will vibrate the most greedy. Made in malaysia! (for real)

Showing 1 - 15 of 22 items