Mod Cube 3000mAh - OBS

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The box Cube is very design for its small size, it adopts a very high tech style with a cuboid form between the rectangular box and the tubular battery. A rather unique appearance that makes it quite original!

The Cube is equipped with a built-in 3000mAh battery, an important autonomy that will allow you to hold long hours with your mod in hand.

The box only works with the wattage mode, it can reach 80W of power to the maximum.

An LED screen of 0.96 inches is installed on the Cube, thanks to the very clear provision of information, it allows you to have a global vision on all the settings that you should know and necessary for your vape.

There are three buttons on the front of the box, the one on the top is the FIRE button. The two below, smaller, are "UP" & "DOWN" setting buttons to adjust your delivered power.

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TypeMod box

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