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  • Orange link with sour lemon blend together with lemonade to give a grateful orange kick. The taste of sour of orange give a mouthful delicious yet refreshing when you exhale it.

  • Experience a wonderful taste from the world best strawberry. Just a drop of these lil badass will get you to a tropical heaven which perfectly made by us.

  • Combination of Mango and Grape will both creates a new unique yet exotic kind of flavour that will electrocute your tongue and tingle your sense of taste.

  • Lemon LimeWith all the fresh, juicy citrus flooding the fruit stands right now. It seems the perfect time to vape on the Hippie Trail powered by Vitamin C. This lemon and lime-based juice is so refreshing, you might get goose bumps

  • Smooth summery atmosphere best describes the fresh honeydew flavour. The taste when inhaled is pleasing while exhaled is captivating. It might give you a summery feel but it is for sure great for all year round.———————————– Blend : 70/30 Content : 60ml  

  • RaspberryA pleasure taste of berry mix up with lemon to give a sweet acrid jolt. Once you puff the berry oomph straight to blew you mouth-feel and it's so dazzlingly-haunted.70 30

  • SUNSHINE:a bold blend of exotic and juicy fruits with aromas of guava, mango, strawberry gariguette and plum

  • ORIGINAL RABBIT: You were looking for a really "original" caramel candy? here it is! a blend of creamy caramel flavors that will make you addict!

Showing 1 - 12 of 93 items